H5N1 Virus Renews Interest In 'Biological Research Oversight System'

The biological research oversight system outlined in the CISSM monograph, "Controlling Dangerous Pathogens," has received renewed public interest (see comments in Science and Bloomberg News, and by CISSM Director John Steinbruner) in light of controversial experiments on H5N1 flu virus.

John Steinbruner, Nancy Gallagher Address Congressional Nuclear Weapons Seminar

CISSM Director John Steinbruner and Research Director Nancy Gallagher each addressed a congressional seminar on nuclear weapons and nuclear security that was sponsored by the AAAS''s Center for Science, Technology, and Security Policy. Read Steinbruner''s and Gallagher''s remarks.

Kevin Jones receives Minerva Initiative funding

A research group that includes CISSM scholar Kevin Jones was awarded a three-year grant by the Department of Defense’s Minerva Initiative to investigate the impact of development aid on conflict. The $2.5 million project, entitled “Aiding Resilience? The Impact of Foreign Assistance on the Dynamics of Intrastate Armed Conflict,” is being led by researchers at the University’s Center for International Development and Conflict (CIDCM).

SPP students discuss international security with Under-Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller

U.S. security assistance and defense trade efforts under the State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, and the status of U.S.-Russian cooperation were among the range of topics addressed by Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Rose Gottemoeller and School of Public Policy students during a November 17 visit to State Department headquarters.

CISSM Awarded Pepsi Challenge Funding

CISSM was awarded Pepsi Challenge Funding to host a screening and discussion of the acclaimed documentary film, Countdown to Zero, on campus.

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Awards CISSM $900,000 Grant

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has awarded CISSM a $900,000 grant to investigate ways to minimize the risks associated with a large-scale global expansion of nuclear energy use in an effort to mitigate climate change. Read more about this project.

ISKRAN visiting scholar weighs in on U.S.-Russian cooperation

Two University of Maryland School of Public Policy students, from two different backgrounds, came together to write an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun, "Opportunity in a Shared Enemy," advocating for collaboration between Russia and the United States to stop ISIS. One student, Ekaterina Kudrina, is from Russia and is an ISKRAN postgraduate student visiting SPP for the semester.

CISSM awarded UMD grant to crowdsource space object database

The CISSM project to crowdsource a comprehensive, open-access database of space objects received a boost when the University of Maryland awarded it with a $50,000 seed grant to demonstrate the proof of concept.