Research Fellow Daniel Levine's book, The Morality of Peacekeeping, published

Edinburgh University Press has published CISSM Research Fellow Daniel Levine''s new book The Morality of Peacekeeping, which examines the specific moral challenges confronting peacekeepers and how they can address them.

After weighing options, a majority of Americans approves Iran nuclear deal, new study finds

A majority of a national citizen advisory panel, made up of a representative sample of American registered voters, recommends Congress approve the deal recently negotiated between Iran, the United States and other permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (plus Germany) on Iran’s nuclear program, according to a new study, "Assesing the Iran Deal."

Fall Film Series Launch: 'Nuclear Tipping Point'

CISSM launched its fall 2010 film series with a September 21 showing of Nuclear Tipping Point at 7 pm in 1113 Van Munching Hall.

CISSM Hosts ISKRAN Students

Last week, CISSM hosted Russian students from the Institute of U.S. and Canadian Studies (ISKRAN) as part of its Collaborative Education and Cooperative Security Project. Read the complete trip report.

CISSM releases Comprehensive Nuclear Material Accounting report

CISSM released Comprehensive Nuclear Material Accounting, the final report of its 2-year study on the role that enhanced nuclear material accounting can play in support of a range of nuclear risk reduction goals. View a webinar outlining the report''s findings. 

Q & A with Kirill Tanaev, 2015 visiting ISKRAN fellow

Soon after arriving in College Park, MD, for his fellowship earlier this fall, Kirill Tanaev sat down with CISSM to discuss his background and goals for his visit.

What attracted you to the ISKRAN Visiting Scholar Program at CISSM?

CISSM Sponsors Screening Of The Battle of Algiers

CISSM sponsored a screening of the counterinsurgency classic, The Battle of Algiers, on October 26, in 1113 Van Munching Hall.