CISSM Forum | May 03, 2012

"Cuba: Stable Stagnation?"

by I. M. Destler, Saul I. Stern Professor of Civic Engagement, Maryland School of Public Policy, and Senior Fellow, CISSM

This talk will draw from a recent trip Professor Destler took to Cuba.

I. M. “Mac” Destler is Saul I. Stern Professor of Civic Engagement at the Maryland School of Public Policy. His scholarly work centers on the politics and processes of U.S. foreign policymaking. He is co-author, with Ivo H. Daalder, of In the Shadow of the Oval Office, which analyzes the role of the president's national security adviser from the Kennedy through the George W. Bush administration. His American Trade Politics won the Gladys M. Kammerer Award of the American Political Science Association for the best book on U.S. national policy. Other recent works include Protecting the American Homeland, (Brookings Institution, 2002 and 2003, with co-authors) and Misreading the Public: The Myth of a New Isolationism (Brookings Institution Press for CISSM, 1999, with Steven Kull).

Destler is also a fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, where he conducts research on the political economy of trade policymaking. He has consulted on government organization for economic and foreign policymaking at the executive office of the president and the Department of State, and held senior research positions at IIE, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the Brookings Institution. He is the recipient of the University of Maryland's Distinguished International Service Award for 1998. Destler teaches trade policy, American foreign policymaking, and political institutions, and directs the Master’s of Public Policy program in International Security and Economic Policy.