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Dec 11, 2014, “National Security Threat vs National Security Challenge: A Comparison of Chinese and American Security Philosophies”, Li Bin, Senior Associate, Nuclear Policy Program and Asia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Dec 04, 2014, "Pacing Defense Strategy: Models for Future Threats", Nathan Freier, Associate Professor of National Security Studies, U.S. Army War College

Nov 13, 2014, “From Suez to Sudan: U.N. Peacekeeping in Africa”, Adekeye Adebajo, Executive Director, Centre for Conflict Resolution

Nov 06, 2014, "The Whole Equation: The Vice President as Advisor" , Aaron Mannes, Researcher, Laboratory for Computational Cultural Dynamics, University of Maryland

Oct 30, 2014, "The Role of National Security Media in a Time of War", Dana Priest, Knight Chair, Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland

Oct 23, 2014, "EU Energy Security in Times of Turmoil", Tim Boersma, Fellow, Energy Security Initiative, Brookings Institution

Oct 16, 2014, "Syria as Failed State: What Can the U.S. Do?", Michael Mazarr, Professor of National Security Strategy, U.S. National War College

Oct 09, 2014, “The Governance of the Nuclear Security Enterprise”, Norm Augustine, Co-Chair, Congressional Panel on the Governance of the Nuclear Security Enterprise, and former CEO, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Oct 02, 2014, “Matching U.S. Military Capabilities to the Security Environment” , Kathleen Hicks, Senior Vice President, Henry A. Kissinger Chair, and Director of the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Sep 25, 2014, “Cooperative Airspace Security in the Euro-Atlantic”, Anya Loukianova, Program Officer, Stanley Foundation, and Doctoral Candidate, MSPP

Sep 18, 2014, "The Regional Role of Post-Agreement Iran", Paul Pillar, Researcher, Security Studies Program, Georgetown University

Sep 17, 2014, SPECIAL EVENT: "Iranian Attitudes on Nuclear Negotiations with the P5+1", Ebrahim Mohseni, Steven Kull, Hillary Mann Leverrett, and Amb. John Limbert

Sep 11, 2014, "Extremist Pathways to Power", Amy Pate, Research Director, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)

Sep 04, 2014, CISSM Open House, CISSM Faculty

Jul 15, 2014, SPECIAL EVENT: "American Attitudes on Nuclear Negotiations with Iran", Steven Kull, Nancy Gallagher, Suzanne Maloney, George Perkovich

May 08, 2014, "U.S. Policy in South Asia in the Coming Decade”, Robert D. Lamb, Director and Senior Fellow, Program on Crisis, Conflict, and Cooperation (C3), Center for Strategic and International Studies

May 01, 2014, "Why Civil Resistance (Still) Works", Maria J. Stephan, Senior Policy Fellow, U.S. Institute of Peace

Apr 24, 2014, "European and U.S. Approaches to the Ukraine Crisis: Prospects for Cooperation and Challenges Ahead", Julianne Smith, Senior Fellow and Director of the Strategy and Statecraft Program, Center for a New American Security

Apr 17, 2014, "Pakistan's Counterterrorism Challenge", Moeed W. Yusuf, Director, South Asia programs, U.S. Institute of Peace

Apr 10, 2014, "Public Opinion in Iran", Ebrahim Mohseni, PhD candidate, Maryland School of Public Policy, and Lecturer, University of Tehran

Apr 03, 2014, "Italy, Europe, and the US Trans Atlantic Partnership - Shrinking The Atlantic in an Era of Globalization and Regionalization", Amb. Claudio Bisogniero, Italian Ambassador to the United States

Mar 13, 2014, "Divided Society and the Democratic Ideal", Glenn C. Loury, Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics, Brown University

Mar 06, 2014, "Prospects for Curbing Mideast WMD Proliferation", Chen Kane, Middle East Projects Manager and Senior Research Associate, Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Feb 27, 2014, "The NSC Process and Syria", Brig. Gen. Guy Cosentino, Commandant, National War College

Feb 20, 2014, "Music, Mali and Citizen Diplomacy: A Performance and Discussion", Amkoullel, Malian hip hop artist; Lassana Diabaté, Trio member and balafon player; Heather Maxwell, Voice of America; Lucy Durán, music producer and ethnomusicologist; and moderated by David Crocker, School of Public Policy

Feb 06, 2014, "Tyranny of Consensus: Discourse and Dissent in American National Security Policy", Janne E. Nolan, Research Professor, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University

Jan 30, 2014, "Following the Leader: Ruling China, from Deng Xiaoping to Xi Jinping", David M. Lampton, Hyman Professor and Director of China Studies, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Dec 05, 2013, "The World Through Arab Eyes: Arab Public Opinion and the Reshaping of the Middle East", Shibley Telhami, Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development, University of Maryland

Nov 28, 2013, No CISSM Forum, CISSM faculty and staff

Nov 22, 2013, RESCHEDULED | "The RiftLand Project: Modeling Droughts and Displacement Among Traditional People in East Africa", Timothy Gulden, Research Assistant Professor, Center for Social Complexity, George Mason University

Nov 14, 2013, "Understanding Radical Evil: Communism, Fascism, and Some Lessons of the Twentieth Century", Vladimir Tismaneanu, Professor of Politics, University of Maryland

Nov 07, 2013, "The Chemical Weapons Convention: Assessing U.S., Russian, and Syrian Compliance", David A. Koplow, Director, Center for Applied Legal Studies, Professor of Law, Georgetown Univeristy Law Center

Oct 31, 2013, "21st Century Trade: The Rise of Regional Agreements?", William Reinsch, President, National Foreign Trade Council

Oct 30, 2013, SPECIAL EVENT: “Making History? Will Iran’s Domestic Politics Permit a Change in its Foreign Policy?”, Trita Parsi, President, National Iranian American Council, Fatemeh Haghighatjoo, Visiting Scholar, University of Massachusetts-Boston, and Nancy Gallagher, Research Director, CISSM

Oct 24, 2013, "Why did the Egyptian Revolution Stop at the Municipal Level? Local Government, Urban Challenges, and Democratization” , Diane Singerman, Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs, American University

Oct 17, 2013, "Responding to Nuclear Disasters: In Pursuit of 'High Flexibility Organizations'?", Sonja D. Schmid, Assistant Professor, Department of Science and Technology in Society (STS), Virginia Tech

Oct 10, 2013, "Emerging Markets, The Pacific Alliance and Chile", Felipe Larraín Bascuñán, Minister of Finance, Government of Chile

Oct 03, 2013, "Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars", David Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent, New York Times

Sep 26, 2013, "The Morality of Peacekeeping", Daniel Levine, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy, and CISSM Research Fellow

Sep 25, 2013, "A New Sanctions Tool to Isolate Odious Regimes and Protect People", Kim Elliott, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Sep 19, 2013, "An Agent, Not a Mole: Assessing the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy", David M. Hart, Director, Center for Science and Technology Policy, George Mason University

Sep 12, 2013, "Pakistan's Security Challenges in a Year of Transition and Turmoil", Michael Kugelman, Senior Program Associate, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Sep 05, 2013, CISSM Open House, CISSM Faculty

Jul 31, 2013, SPECIAL EVENT: "Attitudes from Tehran: Iranian Public Opinion and the Rowhani Presidency", Ebrahim Mohseni, Lecturer, University of Tehran

May 09, 2013, "Can Democracy Survive Big Data?", Lorelei Kelly, Research Fellow, Open Technology Institute, New America Foundation

May 02, 2013, "Negotiating Peace in Multi-Party Civil Wars", David E. Cunningham, Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland

Apr 29, 2013, SPECIAL EVENT: "The Media & Iran's Nuclear Program", Jonas Siegel, Project Manager, CISSM, and Saranaz Barforoush, PhD student, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland

Apr 25, 2013, "The Determinants of Anti-Americanism in Pakistan", Madiha Afzal, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy, and Research Fellow, CISSM

Apr 18, 2013, "Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin", Clifford Gaddy, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution, and Co-author with Fiona Hill of Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin

Apr 11, 2013, "Leaving Afghanistan", Sarah Chayes, Senior Associate, South Asia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Apr 04, 2013, "Rock the Casbah: The Middle East Uprisings", Robin Wright, Award-Winning Journalist and Author on International Affairs

Mar 28, 2013, "What's Needed in U.S. Cyber Legislation?", Steven Bucci, Director, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation

Mar 14, 2013, "How Does Income and Inequality Affect Civil Unrest? Insights from Agent-Based Modeling", Charles Harry, Doctoral Candidate, School of Public Policy, and CISSM Graduate Fellow

Feb 28, 2013, "Rising Powers and Global Governance: Reforming a Resilient Status Quo", Miles Kahler, Rohr Professor of Pacific International Relations, University of California, San Diego

Feb 25, 2013, "A New Scenario Framework for Climate Change Research", Kristie L. Ebi, Independent Consultant and Consulting Professor, Stanford University

Feb 21, 2013, "International Cooperation in Climate Monitoring via Satellites", Mariel Borowitz, Doctoral Candidate, School of Public Policy

Feb 14, 2013, "Ensuring the Safety of the Biotech Industry", Rocco Casagrande, Managing Director, Gryphon Scientific

Feb 07, 2013, “Going to Tehran: Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran”, Flynt Leverett, Professor at Pennsylvania State University's School of International Affairs, and Hillary Mann Leverett, Senior Professional Lecturer, American University

Jan 31, 2013, "Furthering Tolerance and Inclusion in Europe: U.S. Foreign Policy Interests", Spencer Boyer, Visiting Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, and Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Jan 24, 2013, "Can Congress Cooperate on Nuclear Weapons?", Leonor Tomero, Counsel, House Armed Services Committee

Dec 06, 2012, "Obama and Iran--Between War and Peace", Trita Parsi, President, National Iranian American Council

Nov 29, 2012, "A Big Plan for Addressing the Crisis of Democracy", Steven Kull, Director, Center on Policy Attitudes, and Senior Research Scholar, CISSM

Nov 15, 2012, POSTPONED "The Roots of Anti-Americanism in Pakistan", Madiha Afzal, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy, and CISSM Research Fellow

Nov 08, 2012, "The Defense Budget in the Lame Duck", Russell Rumbaugh, Director, Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense program, Stimson Center

Nov 01, 2012, "Climate Change and Political Instability", John D. Steinbruner, CISSM Director and Professor of Public Policy

Oct 25, 2012, "Extended Deterrence in the Asia Pacific", Yun (Claudia) He, Fulbright Fellow and doctoral candidate from Tsinghua University

Oct 19, 2012, SPECIAL EVENT: "Iranian Public Opinion on Nuclear Issues", Ebrahim Mohseni, Doctoral Candidate at the Maryland School of Public Policy and Lecturer at the University of Tehran

Oct 18, 2012, "Drone Warfare, Targeted Killing, and the Future of Covert Action in U.S. Law and Policy", Kenneth Anderson, Professor of International Law, American University

Oct 18, 2012, SPECIAL EVENT: "A Deficit of Morals?: Are the Presidential Candidates’ Security Policies Moral?", Steve Fetter, Daniel Levine, John Steinbruner, Shibley Telhami

Oct 11, 2012, “U.S. Foreign Policy and Global Public Goods”, Justin Logan, Director of Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute

Oct 04, 2012, "The Impact of Population Change on Global Politics", Jack A. Goldstone, Virginia E. and John T. Hazel Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University

Sep 27, 2012, "186 Days and a Wake-Up: Reflections from a Recent Deployment to Afghanistan", Brett Marvin, Operations Research Analyst, Marine Corps Combat Development Command

Sep 20, 2012, "Addressing Gender-Based Violence and HIV/AIDS: The PEPFAR Initiative in Tanzania", Janet Fleischman, Senior Associate, Global Health Policy Center, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Sep 13, 2012, "The Soviet Biological Weapons Program: A History", Milton Leitenberg, Senior Research Scholar, CISSM

Sep 06, 2012, "The Future of Indo-Pak Relations", Stephen P. Cohen, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Aug 30, 2012, CISSM Open House, CISSM Faculty

May 10, 2012, “The Security Implications of Transparency: Personal Stories”, John Steinbruner, Director, CISSM, and Professor of Public Policy, Maryland School of Public Policy

May 03, 2012, "Cuba: Stable Stagnation?", I. M. Destler, Saul I. Stern Professor of Civic Engagement, Maryland School of Public Policy, and Senior Fellow, CISSM

Apr 26, 2012, "The H5N1 Flu Experiments: Finding a Way Forward", Barbara Jasny, Deputy Editor for Commentary, Science

Apr 19, 2012, "Conflict Prevention and Stabilization at State", Amb. Patricia M. Haslach, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, State Department

Apr 12, 2012, "Human Security: Rethinking Afghanistan", Lisa Schirch, Founding Director, 3P Human Security, and a Research Professor, Eastern Mennonite University

Apr 05, 2012, "The United States and the Arab Awakening", Shibley Telhami, Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development, University of Maryland

Mar 29, 2012, "Adaptation and Cost: Effective Cyber-Policy from an Engineering Perspective”, Todd Jones, Congressional Fellow, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Mar 22, 2012, No CISSM Forum, Spring Break

Mar 15, 2012, "The Iranian Nuclear Impasse: How Sanctions Affect Iran’s Nuclear Policies", Ebrahim Mohseni, Doctoral Candidate, Maryland School of Public Policy, and Lecturer, University of Tehran

Mar 08, 2012, No CISSM Forum,

Mar 01, 2012, "North Korea and Nuclear Weapons: The Never-Ending Saga", Jonathan D. Pollack, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Feb 23, 2012, "Defense Budgets in a Period of Austerity", David E. Mosher, Assistant Director for National Security, Congressional Budget Office

Feb 16, 2012, "A Revolution in Intelligence Affairs?", William J. Lahneman, Assistant Professor, Towson University

Feb 09, 2012, “How to Engage with Iran: Lessons from an Iranian Nuclear Negotiator”, Amb. Seyed Hossein Mousavian, Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

Feb 02, 2012, "U.S. Energy Policy: A Call to Action", Herschel Specter, President, RBR Consultants, Inc.

Jan 26, 2012, "The Changing Role of Women in Terrorism", Mia Bloom, Associate Professor, Penn State University

Dec 08, 2011, "Space Security and National Security", Amb. Gregory L. Schulte, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy

Dec 01, 2011, "Understanding WMD Proliferation: Applying Complex Adaptive Systems Theory" , Nancy Hayden, Program Manager, Sandia National Laboratories

Nov 24, 2011, No CISSM Forum, Thanksgiving Break

Nov 17, 2011, "Missile Defense in Europe: Third Time Lucky?", Catherine Kelleher, College Park Professor, University of Maryland, and Senior Fellow, CISSM

Nov 10, 2011, "Climate Change, the Arctic, and National Security: A Navy Perspective", Rear Admiral David W. Titley, Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, Director, Maritime Domain Awareness and Space

Nov 03, 2011, SPECIAL EVENT: "Waters are Rising: Climate Change and Culture in the South Pacific and Chesapeake Bay", Artists from the Pacific Atolls of Tokelau

Oct 27, 2011, "Jobs, Exports, and Economic Recovery", Michael W. Klein, Chief Economist, Office of International Affairs, U.S. Treasury Department

Oct 20, 2011, CANCELLED "The United States and the Arab Awakening", Shibley Telhami, Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development, University of Maryland

Oct 13, 2011, "On Critical Infrastructure Protection and International Agreements", Nicolas Christin, Associate Director, Information Networking Institute at Carnegie Mellon University

Oct 06, 2011, "Trade Policy and U.S. Manufacturing", Frank Vargo, Vice President, International Economic Affairs, National Association of Manufacturers

Sep 29, 2011, "The Evolution of Threat Reduction: From Cooperative to Coercive?”, Toby Dalton, Deputy Director, Nuclear Policy Program, Carnegie Endowment of International Peace

Sep 22, 2011, "Is Education Part of an Effective Counter-Terrorism Strategy? Evidence from Public Opinion Polls in Pakistan", Madiha Afzal, Assistant Professor, Maryland School of Public Policy, and Research Fellow, Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland

Sep 21, 2011, SPECIAL EVENT: "Whatever Happened to Nuclear Terrorism?", Thomas Schelling, Nobel Laureate and Distinguished University Professor Emeritus

Sep 15, 2011, "Different Types of Arms Competitions", Li Bin, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Sep 08, 2011, "Overreach: The Militarization of U.S. Security Policy Post-9/11", William Hartung, Director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy

Sep 01, 2011, CISSM Open House, CISSM Faculty

May 05, 2011, "Will the Arab Spring Become the Winter of Discontent?, Kevin Jones, Research Scholar, Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland

Apr 28, 2011, No CISSM Forum, Inauguration of University President Wallace D. Loh

Apr 21, 2011, "Smuggling, Counterfeiting, and Underreporting: What Can Economic Sanctions Teach Us?”, Ioana Petrescu, Assistant Professor, Maryland School of Public Policy

Apr 14, 2011, “U.S.-Russian Missile Defense Cooperation”, Jeffrey Lewis, Director of East Asia Nonproliferation Program, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Apr 07, 2011, "Climate Monitoring: Setting Policy in the Context of a Presidential Initiative", Sarah Stewart Johnson, Policy Analyst, Office of Science and Technology Policy

Apr 05, 2011, CANCELLED: "China's Development and Foreign Policy", His Excellency Zhang Yesui, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United States

Mar 31, 2011, "Nuclear Policy in the Obama Administration", Steve Fetter, Assistant Director at Large, Office of Science and Technology Policy

Mar 24, 2011, No CISSM Forum, Spring Break

Mar 17, 2011, SPECIAL EVENT: "A Conversation with the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security", Jane Holl Lute, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

Mar 10, 2011, "The Domestic Politics of U.S. Policy toward Russia", Samuel Charap, Associate Director for Russia and Eurasia, Center for American Progress

Mar 03, 2011, "Respect and Security Sector Reform", Daniel Levine, CISSM Research Fellow and Assistant Professor at the Maryland School of Public Policy

Feb 24, 2011, "How the American People Would Deal with the Budget Deficit", Steven Kull, Director, and Program on International Policy Attitutdes

Feb 17, 2011, "Pakistan: Under Threat From Bad Governance and Extremism", Shuja Nawaz, Director, South Asia Center, The Atlantic Council

Feb 10, 2011, "Europe, Asia, and the IMF: Regions and Financial Crises", C. Randall Henning, Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Feb 03, 2011, "U.S.-China Relations in Air and Space: A View from Beyond International Relations Theory", Alanna Krolikowski, Visiting Scholar, Space Policy Institute at George Washington University

Feb 02, 2011, SPECIAL EVENT: A screening of the documentary film "Countdown to Zero" , CISSM and Global Zero

Jan 27, 2011, CANCELLED "The Domestic Politics of U.S. Policy Toward Russia", Samuel Charap, Associate Director for Russia and Eurasia, Center for American Progress

Dec 09, 2010, "Stakeholdership and the Future of the Renminbi", Stephen Voth, Visiting Scholar and CIA Officer-in-Residence, Maryland School of Public Policy

Dec 02, 2010, "China's Foreign Policy and China-U.S. Relations", Zhou Jingxing, Political Counselor, Chinese Embassy

Nov 18, 2010, "Governance Reforms and the Prospects for Stability in Afghanistan", Robert D. Lamb, Senior Fellow and Deputy Director, Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project, CSIS, MSPP alumnus

Nov 11, 2010, "The Worst-Kept Secret: Israel's Bargain with the Bomb", Avner Cohen, Senior Fellow, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Nov 04, 2010, "International Implications of Cyber Threats", John Steinbruner, Director, CISSM

Oct 28, 2010, "The Life-Cycle of North Korean Missile and Nuclear Proliferation", Joshua Pollack, Consultant on Nuclear Security, Alumnus, Maryland School of Public Policy

Oct 21, 2010, "Cybersecurity: The Evolving Threat", Roger Cressey, President, Good Harbor Consulting LLC

Oct 14, 2010, "Lost in Space?", Norman R. Augustine, Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Oct 07, 2010, "Giving Engagement a Bad Name: The Obama Administration's Flawed Iran Policy", Flynt Leverett, Director, The Iran Project, The New America Foundation and Hillary Mann Leverett, CEO, Strategic Energy and Global Analysis (STRATEGA)

Oct 02, 2010, SPECIAL EVENT: "Dead Dogs: An American Tragedy", Greg Steinbruner, New York theatre artist and playwright

Sep 30, 2010, "Who is Sovereign? Transparency, Candor and Information as Structural Constitutionalism", Daniel P. Meyer, Director, Civilian Reprisal Investigations Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Defense and Andrew P. Bakaj, Investigator and Team Leader, National Security Reprisal Team, Civilian Reprisal Investigations Directorate

Sep 23, 2010, "A New START: The Ratification Process", J. Peter Scoblic, Senior Professional Staff, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Sep 16, 2010, "Legal Regulation of Torture", Gregory Craig, lawyer, former White House Counsel to President Obama

Sep 09, 2010, "Nuclear Dangers: A Strange Turn of History", Joan Rohlfing, President and Chief Operating Officer, Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), MSPP Alum

Sep 02, 2010, CISSM Open House, Anja Kuznetsova

May 06, 2010, "The Hijacking of a Government: The Kyrgyz Protests of 2010", Kevin D. Jones, Research Assistant Professor, ISIS, Division of Integrated Biodefense, Georgetown University

May 04, 2010, "Russia and the U.S.: A Historical Perspective" , Sergey I. Kislyak, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the U.S.

Apr 29, 2010, No CISSM Forum, Anja Kuznetsova

Apr 22, 2010, "Progress and Lessons Learned: The War in Iraq", Joseph Christoff, Director, International Affairs and Trade, GAO

Apr 15, 2010, "Nuclear Policy in the Obama Administration", Steve Fetter, Assistant Director at-large, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President

Apr 08, 2010, "Staying the Course: Transition from Humanitarian to Development Assistance Post-Conflict", Vijaya Ramachandran, Senior Fellow, and Satish Chand, Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development

Apr 01, 2010, "Managing Defense: The Challenges Ahead", David S.C. Chu, President and CEO, Institute for Defense Analyses

Mar 25, 2010, "Is Iran Pre-Revolutionary? Iranian Public Opinion on the Election and the Current Government", Steve Kull, Director, and The Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA)

Mar 11, 2010, Job Talk: "The Financial Crisis: An Inside View" , Phillip Swagel, Visiting Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

Mar 04, 2010, "How Fragile Are U.S. - China Relations?", Harry Harding, Dean, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Feb 25, 2010, "The Natural Resource Curse: Roots and Remedies", Joseph Siegle, Director of Research, African Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University

Feb 18, 2010, "The Last Time We Were at Global Zero in Nuclear Weapons", George Quester, Prof. of Government and Politics, University of Maryland

Jan 28, 2010, "Mikhail Gorbachev and the End of the Cold War: New Information on Strategic Defense and Biological Weapons", David E. Hoffman, Contributing Editor, The Washington Post

Dec 10, 2009, "Getting a New START", Greg Thielmann, Senior Fellow, Arms Control Association

Dec 03, 2009, "Russia and the OSCE: Behind Medvedevs Proposal for a New European Security Architecture", P. Terrence Hopmann, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Nov 26, 2009, No CISSM Forum, Anja Kuznetsova

Nov 19, 2009, "Three New Ways to Think About International Migration and Development", Michael Clemens, Research Fellow, Center for Global Development

Nov 12, 2009, "Better Process, Better Outcomes: Bipartisanship in U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy", Matt Rojansky, Executive Director, Partnership for a Secure America

Nov 05, 2009, Private Investment and the Institutionalization of Collective Action in Autocracies: Ruling Parties, Militaries, and Bureaucracies, Phil Keefer, World Bank Development Research Group

Oct 29, 2009, "The Problem of Geoengineering", John Steinbruner, CISSM Director and Professor of Public Policy

Oct 22, 2009, "War Crimes Justice at Home and Abroad: The Promise and Peril of Justice After Atrocities", Adam M. Smith, Associate, Covington and Burling, LLP

Oct 15, 2009, "Lessons in Bureaucratic Warfare: Institutionalizing New Approaches to Reconstruction and Stabilization Operations", Laura Hall, Division Chief, Response Strategy and Training, Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization, U.S. Department of State

Oct 08, 2009, "Restoring the Balance: Funding U.S. National Security", Gordon Adams, Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center and Professor of U.S. Foreign Policy, American University

Oct 01, 2009, "Cyber Attack: The Opaque Dimension of Cyber Security", Herbert Lin, Chief Scientist, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, The National Academies

Sep 24, 2009, "Issues in Science, Engineering and Public Policy", William (Bill) C. Ostendorff, Director, Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy, The National Academies

Sep 10, 2009, A "Trade Time-out?", I.M. "Mac" Destler, Saul I. Stern Professor, School of Public Policy, and Susan C. Schwab, Professor, School of Public Policy

Sep 03, 2009, CISSM Open House, Anja Kuznetsova

May 07, 2009, "Russia's Role in Global Energy Security", Clifford Gaddy, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institute

Apr 30, 2009, "Do Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation Go Together?", Daniel Byman, Associate Professor and Director of the Security Studies Program and the Center for Peace and Security Studies at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service

Apr 23, 2009, "Renewing America’s Image in the World, Especially the Muslim World", Steven Kull, Director, PIPA

Apr 16, 2009, "Care and Counterinsurgency", Daniel Levine, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy and Assistant Research Scholar, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy

Apr 09, 2009, "Climate Policy Challenges", William A. (Billy) Pizer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment and Energy

Apr 02, 2009, "Obama's New Nuclear Policy", Joseph Cirincione, President, Ploughshares Fund

Mar 26, 2009, "International Policy: A Serious Moment", Max Kampelman, Ret. Diplomat

Mar 19, 2009, No CISSM Forum, Spring Break

Mar 12, 2009, "A Plan B for Nuclear Waste Disposal in the U.S.: Implications for the Future of Nuclear Energy", Allison Macfarlane, Associate Professor, George Mason University

Mar 05, 2009, "Protective Oversight of Biotechnology", John Steinbruner, Director, CISSM

Feb 26, 2009, "Centralization or Decentralization in Iraq? In Search of the Elusive Sweet Spot", Mike Fitzsimmons, Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analysis

Feb 19, 2009, "Prompt Global Strike: Silver Bullet or Shot in the Dark?", Steve Fetter, Dean, Maryland School of Public Policy

Feb 12, 2009, "Conventional Arms Control", Steve Olejasz, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director for Global Security Affairs

Feb 05, 2009, "Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Where do We Stand", Thomas Cotton, Vice President of JK Research Associates

Jan 29, 2009, "The President's National Security Adviser and the Making of American Foreign Policy", I.M. Destler, Director, ISEP Program, MSPP and Ivo H. Daalder, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution

Dec 11, 2008, "Don't Belittle the Bear: Georgia's Attack, Russia's Aggression, and the U.S.'s Apoplexy", Kevin Jones, Research Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Dec 04, 2008, "Project on National Security Reform", Job C. Henning, Director of Presidential Affairs, Project on National Security Reform

Nov 27, 2008, No CISSM Forum, Thanksgiving

Nov 20, 2008, "Rebuilding the U.S. Military: Focusing on the Needs of Our Troops", Jason Forrester, Director of Policy, Veterans for America

Nov 13, 2008, "Will Americans be Able to Compete for Jobs in the Global Economy?", Norman R. Augustine, The University System of Maryland, Board of Regents, former chairman and CEO, Lockheed Martin

Nov 06, 2008, "Disarmament and the Nuclear Industry", James Acton, Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Oct 30, 2008, "Defense Budget Challenges for the Next Administration", David Morrison, Chair, The Podesta Group's National Security and International Policy Practice

Oct 23, 2008, "A Nuclear Family Vacation", Sharon Weinberger, Knight Science Journalism Fellow, MIT

Oct 16, 2008, "U.S. Nuclear Posture in the Next Administration", Jeffrey Lewis, Director, Nuclear Strategy and Nonproliferation Initiative, The New America Foundation

Oct 09, 2008, "Agency-Focused Global Development", David Crocker, Senior Research Scholar, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, and Director, College Park Scholars in Public Leadership

Oct 02, 2008, "Limited Access Orders in the Developing World: A New Approach to the Problem of Development", Steven B. Webb, Latin America and the Caribbean Public Sector and Economic Policy, The World Bank

Sep 25, 2008, "Exporting the Bomb", Matthew Kroenig, Assistant Professor, Department of Government and the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University

Sep 18, 2008, "Georgia and South Ossetia: Territory, People and Politics", Valery Dzutsev, Muskie Fellow, MSPP

Sep 11, 2008, "Oversight of Coalition Operations in Afghanistan", David Auerswald, Senior Research Fellow, Defense Department's Institute for National Strategic Studies

Sep 04, 2008, CISSM Open House, VMH 1107

May 08, 2008, Contracting in Iraq, Jacques S. Gansler, Professor and Roger C. Lipitz Chair in Public Policy and Private Enterprise, Director, Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise

May 01, 2008, "The Place of History Education in Post-Conflict Political Reconciliation", Elizabeth 'Lili' Cole, Program Officer, Jennings Randolph Fellowship Program, United States Institute of Peace

Apr 24, 2008, Relativism and Human Rights, James Nickel, Professor, Arizona State University

Apr 17, 2008, Sudan - Identity Politics at the Crossroads, Linda Bishai, Senior Program Officer, International Education and Training Center, USIP

Apr 10, 2008, Transatlantic Relations on the Eve of the Presidential Election: Waiting to Exhale, Catherine Kelleher, Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

Apr 03, 2008, Muslim Public Opinion on US Foreign Policy: What Are They So Angry About? : Findings from Polling and Focus Groups in Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Indonesia, Steve Kull, Director, PIPA

Mar 27, 2008, Global Microscale Estimation of GDP, Tim Gulden, CISSM Research Scholar

Mar 13, 2008, Rethinking Justice and Accountability After Conflict and Atrocity, Helena Cobban, columnist, Christian Science Monitor, contributing writer, Boston Review

Mar 06, 2008, Twilight War: The Folly of U.S. Space Dominance, Mike Moore, Research Fellow, The Independent Institute

Feb 21, 2008, Voter Rationality and Politician Incentives: Exploiting Luck in India and Pakistani Election, Madiha Afzal, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Economics, Yale University

Feb 14, 2008, Global Strike and U.S. Strategic Planning, Hans M. Kristensen, Nuclear Information Project, Federation of American Scientists

Feb 07, 2008, Nuclear Weapons Designers After the Cold War, Hugh Gusterson, Prof. of Anthropology and Sociology, George Mason University

Jan 31, 2008, "Disability and Poverty: A Review of World Bank Poverty Assessments", Jeanine Braithwaite, Senior Economist, World Bank

Dec 06, 2007, Coast Guard is an Instrument of National Security, Rear Admiral Jody A. Breckenridge, Director, Strategic Transformation Team, U.S. Coast Guard

Nov 29, 2007, How to Achieve a Palestinian State Within the Next Twelve Months, Jerome M. Segal, Research Scholar, CISSM/MSPP

Nov 15, 2007, "How Terrorism Ends", Audrey Kurth Cronin, Professor, U.S. National War College

Nov 08, 2007, Financing Gender Equality and the Millenium Development Goals: Debates and New Estimates, Caren Grown, Economist-in-Residence, American University

Nov 01, 2007, The United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement, Lee Tae-sik, Korean Ambassador to the U.S.

Oct 25, 2007, Ungoverned Areas and Threats From Safe Havens, Robert Lamb, Civil Violence Project Manager, CISSM

Oct 18, 2007, Advising the Iraqi Army, A. Raymond Dwight, Colonel, U.S. Army

Oct 11, 2007, Japan's Shifting Strategy Toward a Rising China, Mike Mochizuki, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, The Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University

Sep 27, 2007, Integrating Policy Challenges of Small-Structure Sciences and Emerging Threats, Barry Kellman, Professor of International Law, Director of the International Weapons Control Center, DePaul University College of Law

Sep 20, 2007, Entrapped Conflict Managers: Intervening in the Balkans and Beyond, Marta Vrbetic

Sep 10, 2007, Did Star Wars Help End the Cold War? Soviet Response to the SDI Program, Pavel Podvig, Researcher, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University

Sep 05, 2007, Introducing: The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, Gary LaFre, Director, National Center for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)

Aug 29, 2007, CISSM Open House, Anja Kuznetsova

May 10, 2007, "Rage Against the Machines: Mechanization and the Determinants of Victory in Counterinsurgency Warfare", Jason Lyall (Princeton University) and Ike Wilson (U.S. Military Academy, West Point)

May 03, 2007, Stansfield Turner and the Strategy of Terrorism, Marianna M. Yamamoto, MSPP, PhD Student

Apr 26, 2007, Cooperative Non-Proliferation: Getting Further Faster, Brian Finlay and Elizabeth Turpin, Senior Associates and Co-Directors, Cooperative Non-Proliferation Program, Henry L. Stimson Center

Apr 19, 2007, Breaking the Stalemate of Global Governance Reform, Johanes Linn, Senior Fellow and Executive Director, Wolfensohn Center for Development, The Brookings Institution

Apr 12, 2007, Agricultural Biotechnology and Biosecurity, Shanthu Shantharam, President, Biologistics International

Apr 05, 2007, Managing After Conflict: American Failures and Challenges, Carlos Pascual, Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy Studies Program, The Brookings Institution

Mar 29, 2007, Norm Enforcement Under Social Discrimination, Karla Hoff, Senior Research Economist, The World Bank

Mar 16, 2007, Terror Financing, Jim Walker, Military Police Officer, U.S. Army

Mar 08, 2007, Learning From Iraq, Nathan Freier, Lieetenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Director of National Security Affairs, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College

Mar 01, 2007, Equality and Adequacy in American Education, Rob Reich, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Stanford University

Feb 22, 2007, Is Being 'Partial to the Peace Agreement' the Same as 'Protecting the People', Daniel Levine, CISSM/MSPP

Feb 15, 2007, Learning and Climate Change, Brian O'Neill, Leader, Population and Climate Change Program, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Feb 08, 2007, Public Opinion in Iran: findings of an Unprecedented Poll of Iranians, on Iran's Nuclear Program, the NPT, Iran-U.S. Relations, Islam and the West, Al Qaeda, Terrorism ..., Steven Kull, Director, Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA)

Feb 01, 2007, Sverdlovsk Revisited: Modeling Human Inhalation Anthrax, Dean Wilkening, Director, Science Program, CISAC, Stanford University

Jan 25, 2007, Violence in Iraq: The Numbers and What They Can Tell Us, Tim Gulden, Research Fellow, CISSM

Dec 30, 2006, List of CISSM Forum Speakers, Fall 2006, Anja Kuznetsova

May 15, 2006, List of CISSM Forum Speakers, Spring 2006, Anja Kuznetsova

May 04, 2006, Afghanistan:The Challenge of Development, Robert W. Gerber, U.S. State Department

Apr 27, 2006, Iraqi and American Public Attitudes on the Situation in Iraq, Steve Kull, Director, PIPA

Apr 06, 2006, The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: An Essential Element of U.S. Nonproliferation Policy, Steve Fetter, Dean, Maryland School of Public Policy