Q & A with visiting ISKRAN Fellow, Olesia Gretskaia

September 24, 2018

After arriving in College Park, MD, for her fellowship earlier this fall, Olesia Gretskaia sat down with CISSM to discuss her background and goals for her visit.

What attracted you to the ISKRAN Visiting Scholar Program at CISSM?
This program is a perfect opportunity for me as a young researcher to compare the educational systems of our countries and gain knowledge in my research area.

Tell us about your educational and professional background?
I recently completed my bachelor’s degree in regional studies. My final qualification thesis was devoted to the decision-making process on war and peace in the U.S. Congress. I’m currently a master’s student at the School for World Politics and International Security at ISKRAN. I also work at ISKRAN as a research assistant.

What are your current research interests?
I’m interested in the decision-making process in the American political system, especially how war powers are implemented. My other research interests include the global nuclear nonproliferation regime in general and nuclear nonproliferation in Iran in particular.

What do you hope to achieve during your time here?
My visit to CISSM as a short-term visiting scholar is invaluable to my research interests and the completion of my master’s degree at ISKRAN. During the fall semester I hope to practice my research skills by attending courses and forums, doing projects and participating in discussions with my CISSM colleagues.

Feature in selected projects: 
U.S.-Russian Security Relations