SPP students present research with support from Steinbruner Student Support Fund

March 28, 2016

Financial support from the Steinbruner Student Support Fund enabled one current and one former doctoral student from the School of Public Policy to present their research at the 2016 annual International Studies Association meeting, which was held in Atlanta from March 16-19, 2016.

Nilsu Goren, a current doctoral student, presented research on the future of  U.S. tactical nuclear weapons deployment on Turkish soil, and Turkey’s quest for air and missile defense. Goren argued that, while NATO missile defense is frequently named as an alternative to burden sharing through tactical nuclear weapons, they present two entirely different military missions. She also concluded that neither mission fulfills Turkey’s security objectives or addresses its concerns about extended deterrence. Goren also chaired a separate panel discussion at the conference.

Former doctoral student Jaganath Sankaran presented two papers at the conference. The first, titled “Deterring Aggression: An Examination of the East Asian Missile Defense Architecture,” focused on the missile defense system being deployed in East Asia by the U.S. and Japan. Sanakran examined the efficiency of the system in defending against North Korean missile threats and the diplomatic challenges the deployment of the system creates with China. The second paper, titled “Safety and Stability in Outer Space: Is Space Warfare a Valid Military Strategy?” focused on the exploring the consequences of engaging in anti-satellite (ASAT) military attacks on satellites. The goal of the paper was to demonstrate the as-yet-unrealized risks in a strategy based on attacking satellites.

The Steinbruner Student Support Fund was founded in the Spring of 2015 in memory of former CISSM Director John Steinbruner. The Fund supports School of Public Policy students and graduates to conduct research or otherwise engage in scholarly and policy activities related to cooperative security--broadly defined.