UMD recognizes Gallagher's contributions to public understanding of Iran nuclear negotiations

October 07, 2015
CISSM Interim Director Nancy Gallagher was awarded a 2015 Research Communicator Impact Award from the University of Maryland Division of Research for her contributions to public understanding of the international negotiations about Iran's nuclear program. The Division of Research specifically recognized her op-ed "Will it Play in Persepolis," which was published by in November 2014, as having "had a noted effect on official action, offering members of Congress deeper insights into public attitudes than they otherwise would have had." Throughout the multi-year negotiations about Iran's nuclear program, CISSM and the School of Public Policy's Program for Public Consultation conducted a number of studies of both American and Iranian public opinion on the negotiations. The most recent studies, "Assessing the Iran Deal" and "Iranian Public Opinion on the Nuclear Agreement," were conducted as the two governments were debating the final agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). In addition to the recognized op-ed, Gallagher and CISSM researchers Steven Kull and Ebrahim Mohseni authored other articles and op-eds related to these public opinion studies. The UMD Research Communicator Impact Awards recognize individuals who have taken a proactive approach to disseminating their research and scholarly findings or opinions on research issues and policies. Entries were evaluated by a committee based on each piece’s quality, impact, and visibility.