Kirill Tanaev

ISKRAN fellow
Kirill Tanaev is the ISKRAN visiting research fellow at CISSM. He received his degree from the International Department of the School of Journalism at Moscow State University, specializing in U.S. media systems. After graduating from MSU, he began his Master’s degree at the School of World Politics and International Security at the Institute of USA and Canadian Studies (ISKRAN) of the Russian Academy of Sciences with a specialization in Russian-American relations. His main research interest is Russian-American diplomatic relations as seen through the lens of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the nuclear agreement recently negotiated between the P5+1 and Iran. Kirill plans to devote his Master’s thesis to this topic.   Tanaev’s professional background is primarily in the field of journalism. He has worked for several Russian media outlets, spanning print, radio, television, and internet.  Kirill’s past professional duties include working as a correspondent and an editor at some of the biggest media names in Russia, such as the radio station, Mayak, and the TV channel, Russia 24. Kirill also spent time at the Modern Media Research Institute, researching various TV and Internet related topics.