Keeping U.S. Intelligence Effective: The Need for a Revolution in Intelligence Affairs

Publication Date: 
March 2011

Scarecrow Press

National Intelligence Council Project
Document Type: 
Books and Monographs

The book explores whether U.S. intelligence will remain effective in today’s security environment.  Considering emerging literature, the book asserts that a so-called Revolution in Intelligence Affairs (RIA) is needed; implying that no amount of evolutionary adjustments to existing intelligence community practices will keep U.S. intelligence effective.  Although evolutionary reform might be necessary, it will not be sufficient to permit the intelligence community to successfully target the various threats and unique issues that populate today’s security environment.  The book describes why the intelligence community has had difficulty adapting to today’s security environment, explains the concept of an RIA, and analyzes whether an RIA is needed.  Upon concluding that an RIA is needed, it examines the shape of the new intelligence paradigm that should replace the current one and proposes a new intelligence enterprise to implement this new approach.  The book includes several case studies and scenarios that illustrate how the transformed intelligence enterprise will be more effective than the current one.