PUAF 798Q: Ethics of War and Conflict

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Daniel Levine
Publication Date: 
January 2013
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This class is an introduction to the normative/moral/ethical issues that arise concerning warfare and other forms of large-scale violent conflict. The emphasis will be on exposing you to the basics of the moral
traditions, with an eye towards applying moral principles to real-world cases. We will explore the moral terrain of war, violence, and conflict through a combination of readings, class discussion, in-class
participatory exercises, small group work, and writing.

By the end of this course, if all goes well, you should be able to:

● understand and articulate the major principles of traditional just war theory, as well as some contemporary critiques of those principles
● apply ideas from the moral theory of warfare to real-world situations, with a special eye towards identifying morally-relevant considerations for making forward-looking policy decisions
● critically reflect on received notions of the morality of war and conflict, and defend your moral judgments clearly and cogently, both in written and oral work