Charles Harry Awarded Yamamoto-Scheffelin Endowment

January 07, 2013
The Yamamoto-Scheffelin Endowment for Dissertation Research awarded Charles Harry, a CISSM research scholar, its 2013 dissertation prize upon completion of his dissertation, The Effect of Economic Condition on Civil Unrest: New Insights from Agent Based Modeling. CISSM published a policy brief, "Deteriorating Economic Condition and the Emergence of Social Instability," drawn from Harry''s dissertation.

CISSM Special Event: A Deficit of Morals?

October 18, 2012
CISSM hosted a special event, "A Deficit of Morals? Are the Presidential Candidates'' Security Policies Moral?" as part of its ongoing exploration of morality and security. The moderated discussion included CISSM director John Steinbruner and CISSM associates Steve Fetter, Daniel Levine, and Shibley Telhami.

I.M. Mac Destler Recognized For Public Service As Political Scientist

September 12, 2012
The National Capital Area Political Science Association awarded CISSM Senior Fellow I. M. "Mac" Destler with its 2012 Walter Beach Pi Sigma Alpha Award in recognition of his life-long public service as a political scientist. View Destler''s acceptance remarks.

CISSM welcomes ISKRAN Fellow Alexey Stepanov, Fulbright Fellow He Yun

August 29, 2012

CISSM welcomes ISKRAN Fellow Alexey Stepanov and Fulbright Fellow He Yun, a doctoral candidate from Tsinghua University, who are spending the fall and the full-year, respectively, at the School of Public Policy.

'Soviet Biological Weapons Program: A History' Published

July 01, 2012

The Soviet Biological Weapons Program: A History, a sweeping, 900-page account authored by CISSM senior research scholar Milton Leitenberg and Montery Institute of International Studies scholar Raymond Zilinskas, was published by the Harvard University Press.

Jaganath Sankaran Awarded Yamamoto-Scheffelin Endowment

May 31, 2012

The Yamamoto-Scheffelin Endowment for Dissertation Research awarded Jaganath Sankaran, a CISSM research scholar, its first ever dissertation prize upon completion of Sankaran’s dissertation, “Debating Space Security: Capabilities and Vulnerabilities.”

CISSM Fellow Nilsu Gören Awarded P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship

April 15, 2012

CISSM Graduate Fellow Nilsu Gören was awarded a P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship for $10,000 to support her doctoral work. Gören was also recently selected to be a Security Scholar at the Federation of American Scientists.

Jaganath Sankaran Awarded RAND Nuclear Security Fellowship

April 10, 2012

CISSM Graduate Assistant Jaganath Sankaran was awarded a post-doctoral Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship by the RAND Corporation.

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Awards CISSM $900,000 Grant

February 20, 2012

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has awarded CISSM a $900,000 grant to investigate ways to minimize the risks associated with a large-scale global expansion of nuclear energy use in an effort to mitigate climate change. Read more about this project.

Seyed Hossein Mousavian Addresses CISSM Forum

February 09, 2012

Former Iranian Amb. Seyed Hossein Mousavian addressed the CISSM Forum about ways to improve U.S.-Iranian relations. View video (part 1 and part 2) of the event, or read the prepared remarks.

Catherine Kelleher Participates In Munich Security Conference

February 06, 2012
CISSM Senior Fellow Catherine Kelleher participated in the Munich Security Conference, where she and other commissioners from the European American Security Initiative formally presented the project''s final report.

H5N1 Virus Renews Interest In 'Biological Research Oversight System'

December 29, 2011

The biological research oversight system outlined in the CISSM monograph, "Controlling Dangerous Pathogens," has received renewed public interest (see comments in Science and Bloomberg News, and by CISSM Director John Steinbruner) in light of controversial experiments on H5N1 flu virus.

CISSM Releases Poll: Faith and Global Policy Challenges

December 07, 2011
CISSM and its Program on International Policy Attitudes released the results of a public opinion poll, "Faith and Global Policy Challenges," exploring how individuals'' spritual obligations impact their policy preferences on climate change, nuclear weapons, and poverty.

Security Policy Students Meet With State Department

November 14, 2011

Arms control and nonproliferation policy students met with State Department officials to discuss the latest U.S. arms control and cooperative security initiatives.

Nuclear Threat Initiative Awards CISSM $270,000 Grant

November 01, 2011

The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) has awarded CISSM a $270,000 grant to investigate the role that nuclear material accounting can play in reducing the risks posed by the expanded global use of nuclear energy and in facilitating deep reductions in global nuclear weapons stockpiles.

CISSM Hosts Student Workshop On Morality And Security

September 26, 2011

CISSM hosted a workshop with students and faculty from area universities and MSPP on September 23, 2011 as part of its project on morality and security.

John Steinbruner To Chair National Research Council Panel

September 05, 2011
CISSM Director John Steinbruner was asked to chair the National Research Council''s Panel on Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Social and Political Stresses.

John Steinbruner, Nancy Gallagher Address Congressional Nuclear Weapons Seminar

August 12, 2011

CISSM Director John Steinbruner and Research Director Nancy Gallagher each addressed a congressional seminar on nuclear weapons and nuclear security that was sponsored by the AAAS''s Center for Science, Technology, and Security Policy. Read Steinbruner''s and Gallagher''s remarks.

Skoll Global Threats Fund Awards CISSM $180,000 Grant

June 30, 2011

The Skoll Global Threats Fund awarded CISSM a $180,000 research grant to engage religious communities in addressing the threats posed by nuclear weapons policies, climate change, and poverty and to explore these threats’ moral implications.

Graduate Assistant Courtney Brasier To Be Foreign Service Officer

April 25, 2011
CISSM graduate assistant Courtney Brasier, who helped to coordinate CISSM''s collaboration with the Russian Institute of U.S.-Canada Studies, has accepted a position as a U.S. Foreign Service Political Officer.

Carnegie Corporation New York Awards CISSM $410,000 Grant

April 01, 2011

The Carnegie Corporation of New York has awarded CISSM a $410,000 grant in support of its collaborative work with the Institute of U.S and Canada Studies to train the next generation of U.S. and Russian security experts.

Jane Holl Lute Hosted At CISSM Forum

March 17, 2011

CISSM hosted Jane Holl Lute, the deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, for a special CISSM Forum in the Van Munching Hall atrium.

Steven Kull Releases Opinion Poll: Cut Defense Spending

February 04, 2011
Steven Kull, a senior research scholar at CISSM and director of the Center on Policy Attitudes, released a study from COPA''s Program for Public Consultation, "How the American Public Would Deal with the Budget Deficit," which shows substantial support for cuts to the defense budget.