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CISSM Perspectives on the Russia-Ukraine War

As the War in Ukraine places pressure on global security and economic stability, a negotiated end to the conflict remains unlikely. CISSM scholars share their insight on policy-relevant topics related to the ongoing war in Ukraine to help make sense of the far-reaching consequences of the crisis.

Featured Publications:

Attacking Russia in Ukraine Means War

Joshua Shifrinson (CISSM) & Patrick Porter

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Are US sanctions backfiring?

Ariel Petrovics (CISSM) & Ryan White

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Prospects for Ukrainian Insurgency

Alec Worsnop (CISSM)

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More Publications:

What is America's Interest in the War in Ukraine? by CISSM Senior Fellow and SPP Professor, Joshua Shifrinson

How the War in Ukraine Could Get Much Worse by Emma Ashford and CISSM Senior Fellow and SPP Professor, Joshua Shifrinson

False allegations of biological-weapons use from Putin’s Russia by CISSM Senior Research Associate, Milton Leitenberg

Ukraine war: fresh warning that Africa needs to be vigilant against Russia’s destabilising influence by CISSM Affiliate, Joseph Siegle


Featured Events:

More events:

Crime and Corruption as a Tool for Autocratic Leaders: Evidence from the Pandora and Panama Papers featuring Drew Sullivan, Co-founder, Editor and Publisher of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)

Our Experts

CISSM Experts in the News:


CISSM Affiliate, Anya Fink, discusses Russia's nuclear capabilities and prospects for use in Ukraine war (10/17/22)

The National Desk

CISSM Director, Nancy Gallagher, argues that Putin is unlikely to use non-strategic nuclear weapon in Ukraine (10/07/22)

The National Desk

CISSM Director, Nancy Gallagher, weighs the effects of sanctions against Russia (09/29/22)

Carnegie Corporation

CISSM Director, Nancy Gallagher, comments on Biden's attempts to repudiate aggression (05/25/22) 

The Washington Post

CISSM Senior Research Associate, Clay Ramsay, discusses effectiveness of sanctions on Russia (05/18/22)

The National Desk

CISSM Director, Nancy Gallagher, talks about significance of Finland, Sweden NATO accession (05/11/22)

The National Desk

CISSM Director, Nancy Gallagher, provides insight on Putin's nuclear saber-rattling (04/15/2022)

It sends a very powerful signal to Russia that countries that were previously non-aligned are feeling threatened and want to join NATO. Since one of his major objections was NATO expansion, it essentially shows that attacking Ukraine has had the exact opposite effect of what he most wanted.
Dr. Nancy Gallagher CISSM Director