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CISSM Global Forum | Emerging Technologies and Strategic Stability

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Dr. Steve Fetter behind capable state flags

Dr. Steve Fetter, Professor at the School of Public Policy and Senior Fellow at the Center for International & Security Studies at Maryland

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Event Description 

Some claim that emerging technologies, including large constellations of small satellites, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and machine learning, hypersonic weapons, and quantum sensors, will usher in a new age of counterforce and threaten strategic stability by undermining the survivability of strategic nuclear forces and command and control.  Such analyses often overestimate what is technically feasible, ignore countermeasures that are available to preserve survivability, and discount the positive contributions that emerging technologies can make to enhancing stability.  On balance, we believe technically capable states, such as the United States, Russia, and China, will be able to confidently maintain survivable nuclear forces for the foreseeable future.

Speaker Bio

Steve Fetter has been a professor in the School of Public Policy since 1988. He is currently on sabbatical leave at the Center for Security Studies in ETH Zurich. 

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