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CISSM Global Forum | Russia's Nuclear Weapons and the War in Ukraine

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Anya Fink

Dr. Anya Loukianova Fink, Research Analyst at CNA and a Research Associate at the Center for International & Security Studies at Maryland

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Event Description

This talk looks at the Russian political leadership's use of nuclear rhetoric during the conflict in Ukraine, the potential lessons the Russian political and military establishments are drawing from this signaling, and potential implications for the role of nuclear weapons in future Russian strategy.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Fink is a research scientist at CNA and a research associate at the Center for International & Security Studies at Maryland. Her research focuses on nuclear policy issues as well as Russian strategy, military thought, and approaches to innovation. Before joining CNA in 2019, Dr. Fink was a postdoctoral Stanton Nuclear Security fellow at RAND and a Nuclear Security Working Group fellow in the US Senate. She was also a program officer at the Stanley Center for Peace and Security and a research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Dr. Fink holds a PhD from SPP and an MPIA from the University of Pittsburgh. She has native fluency in Russian.

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