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CISSM Special Event | U.S. Nuclear Policy toward China

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The importance of U.S.-Chinese cooperation on nuclear policy—nuclear nonproliferation, security, energy, and arms control policy—for regional and global security continues to grow. Yet, the intensity and scope of nuclear cooperation between the two is uncertain. Despite considerable coordination on nuclear security as part of the Nuclear Security Summit process, cooperation in this area has struggled to progress since the summits ended. The potential for nuclear arms control between the two countries is being stymied by nuclear weapons developments in both countries and by the failures of policy makers to recognize and build upon shared security interests. And the weakening of nuclear energy cooperation between the two countries undercuts efforts to ensure that the spread of nuclear energy technologies doesn’t lead to nuclear weapons proliferation. This event will focus on the current state of U.S.-Chinese cooperation on nuclear policy and will identify potential areas for renewed and expanded engagement.

The event will feature presentations by:

Nancy Gallagher, Director, Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM), School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

Laura Holgate, Ambassador (ret.), Vice President, Nuclear Threat Initiative

Jonas Siegel, Associate Director, CISSM, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

And will be moderated by:

Richard Weitz, Director, Center for Political-Military Analysis, Hudson Institute

For Media Inquiries:
Jonas Siegel
Associate Director, CISSM
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