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Background and History of the IMCEN Books

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The “IMCEN Books” were a series of publications on subjects important to Army effectiveness, primarily “quotebooks” that gathered and presented the knowledge and experience of military leaders at many levels. The books included US Army Chief of Staff quotebooks; NCO quotebooks (NCO—noncommissioned officer); a quotebook on the Officer/NCO relationship; a bibliography of NCO-related materials; and a handbook on command, leadership, and effective staff support.

The principal IMCEN books are being presented for their contribution to international security, and so that the wisdom and experience contained in the books can be more widely shared. The thoughts of individuals who have borne great responsibility are a valuable legacy that can assist leaders at any level to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The books available online at CISSM are listed below. Minor revisions have been made to the books, and a new chapter has been added to the “Chief of Staff quotebook.”

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Other IMCEN publications:

The Chiefs of Staff, United States Army: On Leadership and The Profession of Arms. General Edward C. Meyer, 1979–1983; General John A. Wickham, Jr., 1983–1987; General Carl E. Vuono, 1987–1991; General Gordon R. Sullivan, 1991–1995; General Dennis J. Reimer, 1995–1999; and General Eric K. Shinseki, 1999–2003, 2000, 2016.

The Sergeants Major of the Army: On Leadership and The Profession of Arms, 1998, 2016.

The Officer/NCO Relationship: Words of Wisdom and Tips for Success, 1997, 2016. 

The Noncommissioned Officer Corps on Leadership, the Army, and America, 1998, 2016.

The Noncommissioned Officer Corps on Training, Cohesion, and Combat, 1998, 2016.

The US Army Noncommissioned Officer Corps: A Selected Bibliography, 1999, 2016.

Command, Leadership, and Effective Staff Support: A Handbook Including Practical Ways for the Staff to Increase Support to Battalion and Company Commanders, 1996, 2016.

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