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CISSM Update - Summer 2022

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CISSM Update - Summer 2022

Featured Items -

  1. Woldemariam and Shifrinson Join CISSM and SPP as Senior Fellows, Associate Professors
  2. First Ever CISSM Iran Update Surveys Iranian Views on War in Ukraine, Nuclear Options
  3. The Collective Choreography of Multistakeholder Cooperation on Climate Change
  4. CISSM Experts Share Perspectives on War in Ukraine
  5. A Conversation with CISSM Research Director David Backer
  6. Implications of North Korea's Ambiguous Nuclear Posture for Proliferation Risks
  7. Research on Russian Motives for the Use of Force Awarded Yamamoto-Scheffelin Dissertation Prize
  8. Shortcomings and Geopolitical Costs of National Missile Defense
  9. Catherine Worsnop Wins SPP Public Impact Award
  10. "A Strategic Approach to Cybersecurity,” New Course Set to Launch on Coursera in October
  11. Save the Date: CISSM & SPP Welcome Back Events

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