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The US Army Noncommissioned Officer Corps: A Selected Bibliography

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In this bibliography you will find many NCO-related references relevant to today’s Army. You can use the materials listed in this bibliography to increase your leadership and training skills, build more effective units, prepare to give talks to soldiers, or write an article or research paper. If you are interested in military history you may also find this bibliography useful.

The references are organized into general subject areas, so that all the material related to each topic is in one section. Most references in each topic are in chronological order by date of publication or by date of content. Definitive or general works are sometimes listed first, and to assist users some items are included in more than one place. Most of the 20th Century sources listed in this bibliography are in the Pentagon Library or the USASMA Learning Resources Center. Most of the 19th Century and older references are in the Military History Institute or the University of Maryland at College Park. I have included the location where I found many of these “older” sources, using abbreviations listed in the Appendix. I have also included the library call numbers for books which may be on the shelf, but not in a library’s data base.

This is not a comprehensive bibliography of all NCO material available, but a guide to the most useful, significant, or rare books, articles, speeches, and oral histories I found while preparing seven military quotebooks and one leadership and staff manual.

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