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Iranian Public Opinion on the War in Ukraine and Nuclear Options

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View the interim report and survey questionnaire and trend tables.

The current survey is an Update, rather than a comprehensive check on Iranian public attitudes. This interim report covers findings on two unfolding security challenges – Iran’s nuclear program and the war in Ukraine – and their potential interconnections. This is the first Update issued in the series. We plan to release future updates when we have fresh data on a subset of time-sensitive issues that we want to release quickly, with more in-depth analysis of some topics to be included in the next full report we release.

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Key findings of this survey include the following:

–A large and stable majority of Iranians still rejects the idea of having nuclear weapons, despite lower knowledge of the fatwa declaring them to be un-Islamic and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty’s prohibition. A large majority also say if Iran chose this path, it would succeed.

–Slightly under half approve of the JCPOA; fewer than half now expect it will be restored. Large majorities say that Iran’s economy would improve if the JCPOA is restored and stay roughly the same as it is now if that does not happen.

–Enthusiasm for economic self-sufficiency has cooled, while interest in trade has increased. For the first time, more Iranians want to strengthen relations with Europe than with Asia.

– A clear majority views Russia’s attack on Ukraine as illegitimate aggression, not justifiable self-defense, but the public is divided about whether Iran should do more to oppose the war. A majority currently holds an unfavorable view of Russia -- a reversal since September 2021.

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